Welcome to BMS Solutions Ltd

BMS Solutions has been at the forefront of professional bodyshop management systems for the past 30 years making us not only the oldest but one of the largest. As many of you will know, our roots are well and truly planted in the bodyshop industry and we have been successfully owning and running our own shops since 1974. It's only natural then that the BMS systems grew from this real need and today we supply systems to many of the best known bodyshop's in the country. Not only that but we also supply some pretty big corporate names such as On-time Automotive and DHL InsideTrack.

Because BMS does all its development work here in the UK (and there is not a call centre in site) the chances are that you will end up talking to and meeting the people that write, develop and train on the software.

Creating software that's as comprehensive as Eclipse and WOW is not done simply by programmers sitting in a dark room. The software must be written from the perspective of the end user. It needs to work in the way that bodyshop's do and not just in the land of theory. Our software is simple, easy to use, powerful and practical.

To arrange a demonstration of any of our products, please contact us on 0845 1234 051 or use our 'contact form'.