The Eclipse system benefits from being the only system on the market that is truly multi-site, meaning if you have more than one shop you can transfer the job from one site to another.

For example, the job could be estimated at one site, moved to another site for strip out, then moved back to the original site for the rest of the repair and then even sent to a third site to be invoiced. This allows bodyshops to have a centralised office for all administration such as claims, estimating, parts ordering and invoicing.

We are able to achieve this flexibility because our servers are located in the cloud. An added benefit is that you don't need any expensive servers located at each site, plus you don't need to worry about back-ups as we take care of that for you.



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The Job Wizard is a quick easy step-by-step guide to creating a job shell. Within the wizard we can set compulsory, recommendations, and non compulsory items, meaning your admin staff no longer have to guess which items are required. So for example, if you require the accident date or notification date to be set on all jobs, you can make this a compulsory item.

The Job Wizard takes you through entering customer/work provider details, vehicle details, recovery details, replacement vehicle and all relevant job dates until you have one clear picture.


The Booking System gives you the ability to book a vehicle in with the optimum start date and courtesy car availability, it will then estimate the return date for the vehicle.

All you have to do is decide on a few pre-set criteria:- Is the vehicle drivable, is a loan car required, is the vehicle a small medium or large job. Once you have selected these criteria you just hit the accept button and it will calculate the best dates to book the vehicle in.

There is also a nice graphical display of the current and upcoming workshop load, that when clicked on will give you detailed information on the vehicles booked in.


With the ability to import from all the major estimating systems:- Audatex, Glassmatix, Interest, AutoClaims, Rapid Assess and Toyota V8 makes using the estimating suite a time saving exercise as you no longer need to enter the estimate on two systems. Also you are able to produce better formatted estimates that the customer will understand.

With our smart learning database you will be able to specify how the estimate is imported, how the hours are distributed and how parts are allocated, allowing for the job sheets, estimate, and invoices to format the way you want them, and therefore making sure that the job is invoiced correctly.

Also with our built in library of descriptions you can make sure the workshop employees are presented with text they can understand.


No need to spend time flicking through your Guide - Evaluator provides a quick and simple way of valuing a car directly from Eclipse.

Once you have estimated the vehicle and transferred the job to Eclipse you can click on the Glasses button and get a detailed valuation of the vehicle before you start work.


With our full loan/hire vehicle module you have control over your own fleet of vehicles as well as third party and hire vehicles. You have the ability to keep an eye on where your cars are, who's in them, and who's due to have the car next. We can also warn of booking conflicts, lease dates over running etc.... The loan/hire car module allows you to book multiple cars to one customer, book services, loan the vehicle to staff members and mark vehicles as off road when they are in for repair. It comes with a complete set of reports, giving you detailed information about availability, who's had the vehicles and a whole host more.


When an estimate is created the system can notify the parts department that parts are required. Once the parts department receive this they can produce multiple parts orders per job, mark the parts as delivered and even return and allocate credit notes. When parts are ordered/delivered the system can notify reception so the vehicle can be booked in for repair.

Parts has a whole set of reports all of its own from supplier turnover to outstanding parts/credits. Its also possible to post purchases to your accounting system.

T.R.I.M (Workshop Data Capture)

T.R.I.M is our flagship workshop data capture system, the only system on the market that can handle multiple employees being clocked on to multiple jobs/tasks at the same time. It captures employee times using bar code technology on a touch screen monitor that can also view job documents such as images, job sheets/estimates and even vehicle method manuals.

T.R.I.M gives you accurate and up to date information on your employee's actions and a view of what's actually happening on the workshop floor. With the T.R.I.M and W.I.P screens you can view job progress, employee status and parts status from the one screen, giving you the information required to maximize capacity and keep an eye on the workshop and your employees.

Delivery and Collection is also recorded by the T.R.I.M system so you can easily keep track of what jobs your delivery drivers are currently on and record accurately what time vehicles are collected and delivered.

We have a set of screens that have been designed to run on large monitors in your workshop to show information such as what your employees are currently working on and what jobs they have next, where vehicles are in the work process etc...


Our financial system has been re written from the ground up to cope with the ever changing requirements of the industry. You can now split an invoice multiple ways, for example:- the main bill going to the work provider with the excess going to the customer, the VAT being billed to a third party and the recovery being billed to another party.

You can produce Proforma invoices and view the invoice before you commit it.

The final invoice screen shows a breakdown of the whole job and even tells you if you are missing a cost/sale price, or if you are making any profit!!

We can export sales and purchase to a number of different accounting systems:- Sage50, Sage200, Power and Pegasus Opera.

There is a full suite of financial reports to help you analyse your finances and the performance of your business.


You have access to a full list of detailed management reports for employees PAYE, claimed time, work in progress, vehicle due in and due out, vehicle on-site reports, average repair analysis, estimate analysis, marketing, production, parts analysis, manufacture reports and a lot more........

All reports on the system can be printed to PDF and exported in XML/CSV format so they can be customized to your requirements. We can also write bespoke reports.


Our KPI dashboard has a very comprehensive list of KPI's and is constantly being updated.

The KPI dashboard shows two types of KPI's, ranged and instant. With the instant KPI's you will be able to see how your work shop is performing on things such as number of jobs due in today, number of jobs invoiced today. With the ranged KPI's you can set ranges for KPI's, for instance Value of jobs invoiced (today, month to date, this week, year to date, last 7 days) etc........

All KPI's are flagged with a green orb when they are on target and a red orb when they are not.


With our integrated diary and to-do list, you will be able to see anything from staff holiday to vehicle due in and due out dates, you can also set yourself, and others, reminders and even have automatic triggers set that will alert you when a job has reached a certain stage.

The to-do list can also be set to pop up on your screen so there is little chance of forgetting to action a request. Entries can be set to display on multiple or individual users screens.

Diary and to-do items can be set to expire automatically based on predefined criteria.


Our Employee HR integrates with our diary system which means it shows when your employees are on holiday, sick or on a training course. We can set up the employees leave and then report on when holiday/sick days are taken. At any one time we can see a calendar for the whole company so you can best judge how much work to book in.

Within the employee setup we can set rates of pay, number of hours worked per week, type of employee ie: attended time, claimed time, bonus attended, mixed type and many more. We can also weight an employee:- so if they are a trainee we can set a % so they don't claim all the time for the jobs they are working on.


Every job on the system has a dedicated area to save documents, this could be anything from documents automatically saved when printing from Eclipse, Audatex images that are imported or word/excel or scanned documents such as a customers drivers license. Job documents can have different security levels so the workshop staff can see only documents relevant to them ie: method manuals and vehicle images.

As with jobs there is also a dedicated area for documents to be saved against your employees.


Eclipse is capable of sending automated and manual messages to customers, work providers and engineers at different stages of the job process, from notification through to job completion, invoicing and even payment. Messages can be sent via email and SMS and details of all messages sent are logged for future reference.

CAR TRAK (Online Vehicle Tracking)

Eclipse comes equipped with CarTrak our Online vehicle tracking system. This gives customers or work providers the ability to enter their unique CarTrak reference and vehicle registration via your web site, where they are able to view the progress of their car through the bodyshop. CarTrak reduces the amount of phone calls to your reception from both customers and work providers, and at the same time giving your them an informed and detailed service.